Really delighted with my beautiful “Little Stars” quilt, it really is the centre of attraction.


My expectations were more than fully met. And I’m not the only one who feels this way; when I unfolded the quilt my son’s reaction was “wow”. It is truly a special design and expertly crafted.

Paul Tomme

The quilt is absolutely lovely! I couldn’t be happier with it. Thank you again for this lovely souvenir that I will always cherish.

Diana Johannes

I have to say not only are the patterns lovely, but the quality is excellent! We are really pleased with the first one we got that we realised we couldn’t stop with just one! I have recommended your website to a few friends and family for when they are looking for something special.

Cara MacDonald

I purchased my 4 Tulips in Vase quilt recently and it is truly beautiful. I won’t ever tire of looking at the intricate workmanship alongside the stunning design and colouring. Its absolutely perfect and a real conversation piece – everything I wanted and more.

Jennifer Smith

I’m very happy with the order and it’s an amazing quilt to treasure and I’ll enjoy every square of it!

Miguel Oliveira

Delighted with our cheerful and stylish Demerara quilt. The diagonal log cabin pattern is beautifully enhanced by a rich blend of colours. Attention to details greatly appreciated. A stunning quilt!

Marie P Hayward

My three children all have beautiful quilts on their beds made by Demerara Quilts, they adore them, they were commissioned to the boys specific choices and my daughter has a cute cat pattern on her bed.

Valerie Callender

Halloween is a great fun event in our house and looks just wonderful with Demerara’s quilts decorating the table.

Jennifer Jackson

I am so delighted with the quilt on my bed made from beautiful blues/green and burgundy in the seaside style of Cape Cod, thank you Demerara!

Cilla Jones

Thank you Demerara Quilts for the gorgeous Christmas quilts you made, our house looks so festive. Your work is much admired.

Joan Hamble

The nautical style quilt you made for the bunk on our boat is the envy of all our friends, thank you so much Demerara Quilts.

Salty Sea Dog

Words cannot do justice to something as beautiful as Demerara’s quilts. I have five of her works of art in two homes and I am about to order another quilt. I never tire of looking at the beauty of these quilts and they are something one keeps for ever and hands down to the children.

Cilla Aylen

The quilt you donated for the Charity Auction run by our sailing club raised a great deal of money for a very good cause. It was a beautiful quilt and particularly appropriate for our sailing members as it was made up of all the Signal Flags. Your flair and imagination in the design of the quilt was much admired as was the exquisite needlework.”

Valerie Evans

The quilts are beautifully stitched and lined and the variety of patterns and colours so pleasing they would enhance any bedroom. I had great difficulty choosing but am delighted with the two I finally bought!

Karel Bartholomew